Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tuesday night sailing

Captain Tim said: "10-15 knots wind, should not be too windy so bring Max with you out!" Lots of happy shrieks erupted in the Guth household as Max got to join me for my Tuesday night sail... After last weeks colission when the 44 ft ArcII rammed os in the stern I just hoped for a less eventful evening race this night...
Max heading down the dock towards the Kuivato.

Getting ready to cast off

Psyching each other out..

Like mother like son..

Captain Max steering the boat out towards the starting line

On the lookout for the racing marks

It turns out that when we got to the start line the winds were more like 20-25 knots, with quite the swell!

We put one reef in the sail for the first race, and Max was safely tucked away in the companion way enjoying the ride!
He did not flinch or get sea sick..

For the second race, we went with 2 reefs in the main sail and we shortened the jib with about a foot, Max is happy as can be!

Relaxing sail for Max, while we other worked hard to ensure we stayed ahead of all the other boats, "Barefoot Children" were ahead of us and we used all our strategies to keep the distance to a minimum.

Tuckered out after 2 races, we came in second place on both races which netted us a comfortable overall 1st place!!

Four more weeks of races left.. lets see if we can keep that first place!