Friday, June 27, 2014

Prague arrival!!

The second plane-ride is always an excersise in delirious sleeping. You get on the plane and nod on and of for the next 2 hours as you try to scruff down some food! The decent offered magnificent views of Prague and the river! The cab drive in to town was like a roller ride with "fun" drivers all around! Wow the buildings were fun, and amazing! We arrived at our Airbnb and our host was there within minutes.. 4 flights of stairs up to a Pied a terre, attic space converted to a hyper cool modern studio apartment fully equipped with even a roof top deck! Giant super market 3 minutes away offered up all the food Czech families eat not to mention the beer selection!!! That was later enjoyed at the said rooftop deck!

The dancing house by some famous French architect.

Woohoo enough beer for a thirsty American

Yep he will drink it all!,

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