Thursday, June 30, 2016

Moors vs Christians

The moors ruled the Spanish peninsula for more than 700 years. They where good rulers, tolerant ones and they allowed all religions to flourish underneath them. Eventually the Catholic Church rallied enough troops together to get the moors overturned and run out of the country. This event is celebrated all over Spain in a festival calls Moors vs Christians. The festival includes let's of parades, all the different armies and moorish tribes marches in the parades. It is usually includes re enactments of the great battles and lots of fireworks of course. We got lucky that the small city of Rojales celebrated their moors vs Christian festival while we where here, Rojales is a small City with a population of 18000 people of them 9000 comes from Britain. That does not stop the city from going all out in their festival celebrating. All the Spanish ladies gets all decked out in their nicest dresses. The kids hairs gets water combed in place. The Spanish even has a word for us "ill dressed" foreigners. The call us " blab bla bla" We  went to Rojales twice, first for the Flwer parade, then back for the solemn parade in honor of San Pedro .

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