Saturday, June 25, 2016

Oh no... Airport security

Knowledge of the Spanish language was not necessary to understand that the "Guardia Civil" (the police officer) stationed by the security check in Madrid wanted to know who the wallet belonged to. He looked sternly at Gene who shook his head and pointed to Max. A look of surprise swept over the police officers face as he motioned to Max to follow him to the backroom for a security check. Sure enough, tucked in to the wallet was Max's pride and joy, the very thin "Credit Card" knife he had purchased the previous summer at scout camp. The knife made it through Boston Security check un noticed but it did not pass the stern eyes of Spanish security personnel. The knife was confiscated and Max was allowed to join us to continue our travel to Alicante. Other than this little snafu, the plane ride went incredibly smooth. Iberia offered a myriad of movies to choose from as well as computer games, music and more. A six hour plane ride from Boston to Madrid, with a one and a half hour of layover in Madrid until we boarded the 1 hour long plane ride to Alicante. It doesn't get much easier than that. The food was yummy and everyone felt it was one of the easier trip we had taken.
Bye bye Boston,,

Selfie of the boys in the plane!'

Night Time in an airplane..

A fast game of fussball at Madrid Airport

I love the architecture at Madrid Airport, the ceiling is shaped like a wave and if you look closely on the support pillars they are in the shades of the rainbow!'

Morfar met us in Alicante!

First order of business, a swim in the pool!!

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  1. Great Photos! I'm sorry to hear about Max's credit card knife. 😔 I'm glad you guys had an easy travel experience