Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Berlin demonstration

We asked our tour guide at the end of the tour where the hipster place of Berlin is, she send us towards Kreuzberg. We got of the subway, started to look around all of a sudden we se tons... I mean tons of police in full riot uniforms hanging out.... We walk further and see a crowd of people hanging out in an intersection some of them were sitting in the middle of the street, peaceful strumming the guitar. We ask what was going on. Apparently some refugees occupied an old abandon school and made it in to their home, they had been promised Asylum that never came through so now they had grown frustrated. The city decided to clean up and evict all people of occupied buildings, but the refugees took to the roof of the building and said they will throw them self to the ground in case police enters... All the people on the street was there to support the refugees. A couple of ours before we got there there was a scuffle between police and protester, people got bloody noses, got carried away by police and teargas was being used. We all thought this was a new event but talking with people we found out it has been going on for over a week with the same intense police back up.  A full city block around the school has been blocked of and only people that could show a drivers license with their street address was leg through. A German man told us, German police is great as long as you go to work and mind your own business, as soon as you oppose they come out in full force. the police man at the barricade were dressed completely in black with no identifying tags to allow them to be as brutal as they want to without any risk of anyone identifying them. 

We left, grabbed an ice cream and then found a quiet street bar where we could watch Switzerland vs Argentina!

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