Thursday, July 10, 2014

Berlin to Sweden via Train

By the time we finally figured out the subway system in Berlin in a way that made it easier to get around, it was time to leave... We so wished we had more time, we would have loved to explore some more beer bars, taken a cruise on the river that flows threw Berlin and go to the Postdam castle. It also turned out that there is an old concentration camp only an hour via train outside Berlin, that would have been interesting to see... Now we know that Berlin has so much to offere and we would love to go back.

Instead we jumped to the train to Sweden, an apparent semi high speed super efficient train that sped through the German country side. Gene got a bit woosy from the rocking. First changeover took place in Hamburg, changing from a German train to a Danish one. Next stop was Puttgarden where the whole train rolls on the ferry!! Pretty crazy but yes that is how it went down.NExt stop after that was copenhagen, change trains there to get on the train to Helsingborg!! All in all the trip took 8 hours or so.!! As we arrived in Helsingborg, the temperature had plumeted to less than 60 degrees with a narly wind, wow it was so true that the further north you go the colder it gets... The night also got much brighter with prolonged dusk and a sun that does not set unteil after 10 pm!!

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