Thursday, July 10, 2014


The famous Astronomer Thyco Brahe was given the island of Ven from the Danish Kind Frederik II, in 1587 as an appreciation of his services to the royal court. On the island of Ven Tycho Brahe built the worlds first  scientific research centere where his main focus was to study the stars before the telescope was invented!! You might wonder how can you study stars withou a telescope? Well for Thyco it was a no brainer, he used a sextant and various other astronomical devices that could measure the angles of the stars as they related to the horizon. He would then measure the same stars over and over again and see the difference in distances and derive his theories from that.

Ven is an amazing island in the middle of Ă–resund, with rolling hills of crops, amazing vistas and fun little gravel roads to bike on. The circumfrance of the island is about 11 miles, that makes it an easy day trip. They make their own ice cream, (thumbs up from Max), their owwn Canola oil, and the best part they have their own Whiskey distillery where we tried some of their home brew!

Rolling fields with Rye

Fun gravel roads for biking

Crazy Drops down towards the ocean

Tycho Brahe observatory

Gene and Max learned a new summer game


25% grade of upphill climb
Ahh.. summer fun !
 Morfar and Gene happy with the Whiskey selection

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