Thursday, July 10, 2014


My childhood friend Sofie invited us for lunch and a swim in Domsten, a tiny village 10 km north of Helsingborg where my grandparents had a house and I spend every childhood summer there. We finally moved there fulltime after third grade. It was so fun to show Max and Gene my elementary school, the windy road thru the woods down to Domsten, remminice about bikerides home and once I even rollerbladed the 2 miles from school to home.  Max and Sofies son William made fast friends, even though he is 2 years younger and just spoke a few words of Swedish. William immediately found his fixed blade knife and asked if Max and he could run up to the woods and carve some sticks.. Of course, since this is Domsten with very few cars and a way of life how it should be! A quick walk to the harbour and swim in Ă–resund, the straight of water between Sweden and Denmark. Max and William spotted some kids fishing for crabs from the docks in the harbour and begged to do the same. After luch they left by themselves for some crabfishing adventure, while Gene and Anders (Sofie's Husband) bonded over strategies on how to best play the game "Clash of Clan". The day ended with a ride back to Helsingborg, in style!!

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